How we work


We receive a request for medical equipment. The request can come directly from the client or through a third party. It can be made via e-mail, phone or our Facebook page


Our care coordinator contacts the client or third party to gather as much information as possible before home visiting. Sometimes we can assess what is needed on fore hand and bring it along when we house visit. There are also cases where we sadly cannot help out.


We home visit our client to see the specific needs, home-situation and (if necessary) to take measurements. We also discuss our lending fees with the client and talk about their financial capacity. Our security deposits and rental rates vary. Please read more about our rates.


We try and find the most suitable medical equipment for our client. If we do not have it in stock we will use our network to try and get it. Sometimes we need to ship it over from The Netherlands which takes time.


We deliver the medical aid to the clients home, adjust it and give instructions on how to use it safely. We practise with them and if necessary we can arrange physio or occupational therapy for the client to learn to use the medical equipment properly.


We keep in touch with our clients to see if the device is still adequate. We provide maintenance and they can also count on us if repairs are needed.


We collect the medical equipment when it is no longer needed and return it to our storage. We will clean and check it so we can lend it out to someone else in need.

Additionally we


We work together with many foundations who can rely on us if they are in need of medical equipment. And if we are in need of medical equipement that we don’t have in stock they help us. Together we are strong.


We sometimes receive wheelchairs that are missing parts and we replace wheelchairs that can no longer be used. We disasemble them and keep reusable parts, left over scrap is recycled.